We'll discuss:

How can you build trust from reps that the plan is fair and built on good data?
How can you communicate with and support the impacted teams?
How can you keep the planning process on schedule - and mitigate damage if you get behind?
How can you minimize disruption to customers?

Introducing the Speakers

Saul Garcia is VP of Revenue Operations at Health Recovery Solutions. With a background in psychology and RevOps experience in the health and SaaS industries, he's able to balance the technical aspects with soft skills to support implementation.
Tyler Simons is the Head of Customer Success and RevOps at Fullcast. In addition to supporting our customers, he thoroughly enjoys talking about all things RevOps with our Fireside Chat and Webinar guests.


Fireside Speaker Photo Frame
Saul Garcia
VP of Revenue Operations,
Health Recovery Solutions
Tyler Simons
Tyler Simons
Head of Customer Success
and Revenue Operations,

Transform Your RevOps Strategy