We'll discuss:

How do you set the agenda for RevOps after the annual planning exercise is done?
What types of strategic projects do you see as big value adds for RevOps teams outside of the planning season?
How do you prioritize the projects that you work on?
For your team, how do you set the balance between run-time management and strategic projects, so that they are able to grow in their careers?

Introducing the Speakers

Scott Malish is currently Global Head of Revenue Operations at Sigma Computing and has been in Revenue Operations for over 12 years in both the B2B SaaS and AdTech industries. His most recent prior roles have been VP of Revenue Operations at OwnBackup and VP of Business Operations at Sisense.
Tyler Simons is the Head of Customer Success and RevOps at Fullcast. In addition to supporting our customers, he thoroughly enjoys talking about all things RevOps with our Fireside Chat and Webinar guests.


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Scott Malish
Global Head of Revenue Operations,
Sigma Computing
Tyler Simons
Tyler Simons
Head of Customer Success
and Revenue Operations,

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